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An all-ages adventure comic

Not happy with criminals causing havoc in Rose City, Alzheimer Fresco jumps out of his clothes and on to the streets as Totally Naked Man. Along with this heroic friends, Extremely Conservative Woman and Zetaman, Totally Naked Man seeks to right the wrongs committed by the wrong doers doing wrong.

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Naked Man Comics (and Totally Naked Man the webcomic) is published weekly at TotallyNakedMan.com, courtesy of Mythos Imprint

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Where can I read Naked Man Comics?

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The Naked Wiki

Information about everything in Rose City and beyond. Check it out at https://wiki.totallynakedman.com

The Heroes of Rose City

Naked Man Comics follows the heroes of the fictional city Rose City.

Read more about the characters in Naked Man Comics at https://wiki.totallynakedman.com

Orphaned at a young age, Alzheimer Fresco grew in intellect and physical stature until one day he heard the call to justice.

The enema of justice to the dark crime ridden bowels of Rose City.

Veteran costumed crusader in Rose City and member of The Real Life Superhero Project.

Antiman is a dark vigilante that patrols the southeast section of Rose City.