Totally Naked Man

Totally Naked Man

Champion of Rose City. Totally Naked Man fights the good fight against crime and justice.

Extremely Conservative Woman

Superhero from Vantucky. ECW is tough on crime with her no-nonsense approach and Krav Maga training.


Imposing in his blue and black gear, this “costumed activist” works with the homeless of Rose City, runs neighborhood patrols, and actively supports such local organizations as in his native city.

Doctor Lithium

A heroic psychologist who helps both heroes and villains with rational thinking and positive actions.


Dark avenging detective hero of Rose City. 


Community member whose allegiances will switch depending on who is receiving media attention.


Sidekick/partner of Antiman from Cherry City. 

The Siamese Cat

The Siamese Cat

Superhero Icon

Superhero the Superhero


Cosmic traveler and eater of worlds.


Cellphone themed superhero from the Internet.

Shawn the Pizza Bandit

Evil Shawn Elbows embarks on a quest to rid Rose City of its pizza pies.

The Yellow Skull

Frustrated computer and graphic design teacher bent on chaos.

The Black Knave

Creepy wannabe Lothario who stalks women.

Pepper Gold

Pepper Gold is an American real-life superhero. Initially wearing a ski mask to intervene in a public assault, Gold later developed a full costume and adopted “Pepper Gold” as a pseudonym.


Mutant strongman with one eye.

Catherine the Waif

Villainous signification other of Shawn the Pizza Bandit.

Flap Adams

Mutant flyer with an excessive amount of skin for wings.


Rightguy is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by MM Comics.

Vega Bond

Mysterious underground crime boss of Rose City.

Doctor Atomick

The lead expert on robotics and professor at Rose City University.


Money grubbing mutant with purple hair.

Baby M

Mutant man trapped in a baby’s body.

The Android

Heroic mechanical hero. Ambassador to Earth from the Moon and Law Enforcer.

Chris Justice

Chris Justice—the alter-ego of Chris Pollak, martial arts instructor by day, civilian watchdog by night—has a flair for the dramatic.


Hairy mutant man-beast.

The Butler

Alzheimer Fresco’s faithful, although begrudgingly, manservant.

The Asalter

Mercenary salt shaker themed villain and part-time heel professional wrestler.

Aqua Gato

World heavyweight champion of the Seven Seas.

Holly Wood

A feisty and superficial young woman who is consumed with being wealthy.


The disposed leader of the Titans. Cronus stole the power of Chronos to manipulate time and space to return to his throne.

Bazooka the Heroic

The heroic feline friend of Man-Man and humanity.

Agent Null

Former middle-aged sidekick of Zetaman.


Leader of the Sqeaky Greasers and Extremely Conservative Woman’s brother.

Overnight Owl

Nighttime hero of slumberland.


The Roach

Slimy ne’er-do-well from the Internet.