Calling Gloria

Page one of Bridge City Pizza Bandits.
Totally Naked Man sings to Rose City!


I have decided to add commentary to my comics. I have been drawing Naked Man Comics for over 10 years. I have blogged about things from time to time. But I never added commentary before. I am migrating my old stories into the Totally Naked Man domain. I figured adding commentary will help old fans look at my pages different. Or, at least, I feel it safe now to post what were digs at people in real life and what was complete fiction.

Back in my Zetaman days, I ran around with other costumed people. When I retired as Zetaman a lot of them were very vocal on how they felt about me. A bit of the criticism might be right. Most of the comments were not. It was my fault, to be honest. I tried to screen people the best I could. But people can mask very well.

This story’s premise is that there are a bunch of creeps I met online teaming up and calling themselves the Rose City Rebellion. My ex-wife was going around seeking intimate attention from other Real-Life Superheroes. When we broke up, I made the whole thing public. At the time I did not see a problem with it. My ex used a forum I built to share naked pictures of herself. Because I did cause a stir online, my ex needed to do some damage control. She found some other people I did not have a good relationship with and create a new team. From what I gathered; they spend a lot of their time at buffets. My ex-wife decided to find someone who called himself a Real-Life Supervillain (Mavalo or something like that) to draft a very personal blog detailing information about me, who I was dating, and my parents. When I read that blog and saw how much it hurt other people, I retired as Zetaman.

But I felt like I had to say something back. I did, using a character I created as a teenager, Totally Naked Man. I figured I can at least vent. I was not going to go into many details. But I was going to just make a jab and move on. Little did I know I would be going on a decade later.

Totally Naked Man is singing in this because I loved Mighty Mouse cartoons as a kid. Mighty Mouse always sang. The orange in Totally Naked Man’s hair is yellow and red mixed together.

I did poke fun of the blog creator by creating The Blazing Bag of Poo. Basically, calling the person who wrote his meth fueled blogs a $#!#-head.



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