Chow Time

Catherine the Waif and Shawn the Pizza Bandit ruminate over the defeat.

Totally Naked Commentary

The wide shot of Cat and Shawn is based on a photo of them in real-life. Dark Wolf and Lunar Veil did an article for some magazine. There was this picture of Lunar Veil on one side of the table and Dark Wolf on the other side. Lunar Veil was polishing a gun and Dark Wolf was eating a pizza. This is WHY I thought the “Shawn starving Cat” was going to be funny. It was not, as I alluded to a few pages ago.

Why the article frustrated me enough to make a parody?

I read the article. Lunar Veil claimed to shut down a puppy mill in either Beaverton or Hillsboro. She physically investigated the location, gathered evidence, and presented it to the police for the arrest. This never happened. The poor woman could barely move much less accomplished what she claimed. Dark Wolf had the reporters follow him around his patrol. Dark Wolf explained his operation method when “crime fighting.” What he did was copy our mutual colleague, Antiman. Everything Dark Wolf did was what Antiman did, down to the spots where Antiman liked to patrol. All the while Dark Wolf was writing blogs about how much I sucked.

I may have been lame in what I did, but at least I did what I said I did. I did not have to imitate anyone else. If I found an idea that worked from another RLSH, I would incorporate but I would cite where the idea came from.

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