The Timeline

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Before Zetaman #1
  • The Multiverse is created.
  • The Teddy Ruxbin Wars
  • Real Life Superhero Community Starts
  • Zetaman v. Agent Null
Cover to Zetaman 01.jpg
  • Zetaman Vs. Aliens
  • Extremely Conservative Woman Arrives in Rose City
  • Ultimate Zetaman on Earth Gamma
The Sad Zetaman Story
Cover to Issue 01.jpg
  • The Bridge City Pizza Bandits.
  • Cronus arrives in the southwest. Time distortions.
Cover to Issue 08.jpg
  • Superhero and The Siamese Cat visit Rose City.
  • Universium arrives in Solar System.
Cover to Issue 02.jpg
  • Superhero Trials by Pepper Gold.
  • Universium lands.
  • The Alternates disbands for the second time (referenced in Issue #5).
The Extreme Factor 5
Cover to Issue 03.jpg
Cover to Issue 04.jpg
  • Totally Naked Man and friends travel to Fabulon and team up with Man-Man.
Cover to Issue 05.jpg
  • Antiman and Icarus meets Doctor Lithium.
Cover to Issue 06.jpg
  • The Rose City Superheroes vs. The Villains.
  • The Villains lose, forcing most of them to retire.
  • The NEW Real Life Superhero Community is reformed at
Cover to Issue 09.jpg
  • The Yellow Skull robs Peterson's.
  • Extremely Conservative Woman and Totally Naked Man meet the Cherry City Citizen Crusaders
  • ECW's Brother is revealed to be the leader of the Squeaky Greasers
  • Hazmat Dies
Totally Naked Man the Coloring Book
Drama of the Gods
  • Extremely Conservative Woman and Zetaman tries to change Totally Naked Man's Superhero gimmick.